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Young nurse Aggie Burnside and her doctor boyfriend are asked for a holiday weekend in a remote mansion in Vermont to calm the nerves of the threatened owner. But their hostess, a wealthy widow and renowned romance writer, has other plans for her guests. With a series of games, she hopes to reveal who is out to kill her, but to everyone’s shock, someone else dies first

Revel in the atmosphere of a 1931 New England winter, the extravagant house, tales of a Scottish curse, sumptuous meals, and more suspects than you can shake a stick at. Will Aggie’s curiosity catch the killer or put her into more danger?

Christmas Recipe for Murder is the lively third book in the Berkshires Cozy mystery series. If you like good-hearted heroines, delightful doses of humor, and smart surprises, then you’ll love Andrea Kress’s fast-moving whodunit.Buy Christmas Recipe for Murder to untangle a treacherous scheme today!

! Meet  Author Rachel Woods 

At a Thanksgiving party, the host drops dead. It looks like an allergic reaction but turns out to be cold-blooded murder.

Reporter Roland “Beanie” Bean covers the case and discovers a slew of suspects: The cheating wife. The bitter ex-wife. The vengeful rival. And a mysterious stranger who’d sent the dead man bizarre threats.

Beanie is determined to get the truth even though his sleuthing makes him the target of a sadistic killer.

Gobble, Gobble Murder is a holiday cozy murder mystery novel. With lots of clues and red herrings, it features plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end!Get it here

Meet Author Magda Alexander

England. 1923.  After a year away at finishing school where she learned etiquette, deportment, and the difference between a salad fork and a fish one, Kitty Worthington is more than eager to return home. But minutes after she and her brother Ned board the Golden Arrow, the unthinkable happens. A woman with a mysterious connection to Kitty’s brother winds up dead, and the murderer can only be someone on the train.

When barely a week after the murder her brother becomes the main suspect, Kitty sets out to investigate. Not an easy thing to do while juggling the demands of her debut season and her mother’s attempts to find a suitable, aristocratic husband for her.

With the aid of her maid, two noble lords, and a flatulent Basset Hound named Sir Winston, Kitty dives deep into the glamorous world of British High Society and London’s dark underbelly alike. She must discover the murderer before the insufferable Inspector Crawford can hang a noose around her brother’s neck.

Murder on the Golden Arrow, the first book in The Kitty Worthington Mysteries, is a frolicking cozy historical mystery filled with dodgy suspects, a dastardly villain, and an intrepid heroine sure to win your heart. 

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As the days get cooler,it’s time to stay warm.  

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