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Shane is a Tucson artist and writer who divides her days between doing art and writing mysteries. She started her professional career as a newspaper journalist and later a university reference librarian with a strong sense of accuracy in her mysteries.

Shane’s first mystery series is about Letty Valdez, a private investigator based in Tucson. She is a Mexican American/O’odham who is an Iraq War vet. She tends to be on the serious side, and she does her best to bring right to the world. A martial arts expert, she prefers gong fu to a gun any day. The first Letty book is Desert Jade.

The second series, Cat Miranda Mysteries, is set in Bisbee. Cat is a lively personality who runs an art gallery. In the first Cat mystery, her plumber finds a dead body in the wall of Cat’s art gallery behind a big painting titled Kissed. She and Miles Trevelyan, a visiting scholar from the U.K., form an attachment to each other as they solve mysteries. Cat mysteries are both cozy mysteries, and also, thanks to Miles, romantic suspense. The second Cat mystery, Fair Play, comes out later this summer.

You can find her books in all the regular places: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and the public library. You can see more of her art at and here and read about my books here

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