#5 in Massachusetts Cozy Mystery Series

Beacon Hill, a posh neighborhood in Boston in the 1930s, seems immune from problems. 

That is, until one of the neighbors is found murdered in his own home. 

Knowing the family, Amanda is called in to assist. But things get murky as she and her detective boyfriend delve deeper into the family, the business and someone with a serious grudge.


Ebook, paperback, Kindle Unlimited and Hardcover.

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She’s rich and bored. This homicide has no motive. Determined to get to the truth, can a socialite solve a curious killing?

Boston, 1933. Amanda Burnside yearns for more. Dutifully hitting the social scene and volunteering for charity, the young former debutante is delighted to be dating a doctor yet wishes for excitement. But she wasn’t expecting a stroll on Boston Common with her beau to end with the discovery of a dead body.

Shocked by the experience, Amanda ignores her parents’ wishes and resolves to follow the clues to uncover the perpetrator. But with shady characters, ruthless bootleggers and wily politicians all fighting to keep the details buried, the plucky amateur sleuth fears the answers may land her in the morgue.

Can Amanda unmask a murderer without becoming the next victim? 

And the second in the series.

Ebook, paperback, Kindle Unlimited and Hardcover.

She turned down marriage to prove her independence. What she didn’t bargain for was a murder. 

1933. Amanda Burnside’s new project is creating a children’s clinic in the colorful, ethnic, under-served North End. It’s busy, noisy, bustling, and she’s challenged by the differences from her upper-class upbringing. She soon questions her choices when she stumbles across the murder of a young man. Warned off from asking further questions only fuels her curiosity to solve the case. 

Detective Halloran is assigned to sift through the motives and evasions of too many suspects. But his sights are also set on Amanda who injects herself into the investigation. When she uncovers the clue that sends the police in the right direction, she unwittingly puts herself in the crosshairs of a kidnapping plot.

Will she be able to help solve the crime? Or be its next victim?

Something is fishy in City Hall.

She’s excited by a new job assignment working with the Mayor. But things quickly get dark as she finds murder and deceit lurk in the hallways of City Hall.

Public servants in City Hall aren’t being very honest with the public. When a citizen reports an employee’s attempt at extortion, all hell breaks loose. And then that worker is murdered.

Detective Halloran investigates with the perspective of his girlfriend, Amanda, an amateur sleuth. It’s his job on the line but she is pulled in out of curiosity and to avoid the drama at home.

As they dig deeper, they find another layer of corruption that points to people in high places. The detective and the sleuth are faced with scheming civils servants, complacent bosses, a raft of suspects, murky motives and flimsy alibis.

Can they uncover the culprit with so many people and higher ups blocking their progress?


When her boss resigns, she’s out of a job and at loose ends. But it is when her friend’s father is killed that she hones her skills as an amateur sleuth. Can Amanda track down the killer before someone else dies? 

No one knows why her friend’s father was in the family’s vacation home in Hyannis on Cape Cod in early December. The discovery that he changed his will and was poisoned confuses his family and baffles the local sheriff.

An ongoing property feud with a neighbor, a disgraced young man wronged by the family, an art dealer who suspects something is fishy, and a resentful brother are just some of the suspects. Amanda uses her detection powers to great effect, but in solving the mystery, is she putting herself in mortal danger?




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