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            A continuation of the Compendium of Authors series, I find myself behind schedule, and so shamelessly will profile myself as the Indie Author of the Week. Born in New York and educated at Syracuse University with a BA and MA, I relocated to North Carolina for further graduate study at Duke University. I fell in love with the countryside, a man soon to be my husband, but Duke not so much. 

We moved to Tucson, Arizona where I became involved in freelance writing for local and regional publications many of which sadly no longer exist. After a long stint in City government, I returned to writing and published four in the DEADLY Series and a standalone about politics, water issues, and romance in the Southwest.

            Coming in September: The Berkshires Cozy Series, a historical mystery set in the 1930s in Western Massachusetts with, of course, a female sleuth.

Below is the first book in the DEADLY series located in North Carolina.

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