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In Southern Arizona, we have two rainy seasons. If we’re lucky. 

In the winter, there are the slow, long rains that prep the plants for spring blossoms.

In the summer, we get the violent thunderstorms and torrential rain of the monsoons. 

Dia de San Juan, June 24, is the traditional start of the summer rainy season.

There are parties, fiestas and invocations to any spiritual entity that will take pity on us suffering through the hot, dry days that are frequently over 100 degrees. And then we get humidity which tells us that the rains are coming soon. 

Today, there are dark clouds on the horizon and at night we can hear the rumbling of thunder and see flashes of lightning. But so far, the only evidence of rain is slightly dirty car windshields in the morning.

We’re in a period of drought here in the Southwest US in addition to climate change, and we converted our entire yard to what is called ‘xeriscape’ using low water using plants. The grass is long gone. But even these drought tolerant plants need some moisture now and then. So, come on, already! Let’s have some rain!

In the summer, I like to read books about cool climates to take my mind off the heat. This spring and summer, I decided to write a mystery set in Maine where our family spent many summer vacations. Alas, we were not so lucky to have a beach house of our own, but I have fond memories of picking blueberries and wading in the cold waters. I tried to capture those sensations in MURDER AT THE BEACH HOUSE.

Find it here:…/dp/B0B1BLP6MY 

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