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Post from October 27, 2020  

Post from October 27, 2020  
fullsizeoutput 805This is fall in Southern Arizona 
In Southern Arizona, late October is when the bougainvillea is bursting with blooms and it’s time to plant mesquite and palo verde trees for shade next summer.My winter garden will only be pots of herbs, lettuce, and arugula this year to cut fresh for dinner each night.Wait – if I’m in Arizona, why do I write about North Carolina?Nostalgia is one reason because I lived there for three years.The other is that there were so many eventful episodes when I studied primate behavior at Duke that I had to share some of them in my mysteries.Speaking of mysteries, DEADLY WOODS, is on sale Oct. 28 for only $2.99 on Amazon! And always free to Kindle Unlimited people. DEADLY WOODS Happy Reading! 
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