Royal Wedding Update – the Gift

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The gift. I can’t believe that Meghan and Harry (he insists that we call him Harry, although his real name is Henry something, something, something, hyphen, something) suggested a list of their charities to donate to instead of a gift. As if that makes the gifting any easier! How much is too little and how much is too much? We don’t want to look like bougie Americans.

Couldn’t they just sign up for a registry at Ikea like everyone else? That way, you know the appropriate monetary range of the gift, for example, if they want the VIMLE corner sofa in yellow, (an excellent choice) we’ll need to get some others to chip in. And maybe yellow, though on trend, is not a good choice, because they are sure to be having a passel of kids right away. If they have passels in the UK.

Being a practical person myself, I would go for the more affordable ALGOT vertical storage unit. Or in a sentimental vein, I could just gift them my mother’s service for 12 china that none of my kids are interested in. Sure, the palace has service for 120, but everybody needs dishes. Goes perfect with roast chicken, Harry.(wink, wink)

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