Royal Wedding Update – The dress

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No, not her dress. My dress. And no, the invitation has still not arrived but that doesn’t mean I have stopped my preparations. “Day dress” is what is required. I live in Arizona, so that would mean shorts, T shirt, sunglasses, and flip flops, right? Looking online I see that ‘day dress’ in Brenglish means something one might wear to a funeral except in some pastel shade. I see that ‘hose’ is an element of the outfit. Pantyhose? The last pair I had disintegrated in the drawer due to lack of use. Is a spray tan too tacky for the Brits?

I checked my options. Sears is closing so that eliminates the no-iron polyester options. Penney’s has plenty, but good luck finding a sales person to assist you. Dillard’s or Macy’s both have excellent rounders of discounted Easter go-to-church dresses (pastel) that will work fine. Also, polyester, no-iron, since I will likely be cramming my outfit into my carry-on for my Priceline flight to Aberdeen. That’s close to Windsor, isn’t it?

The long flight will give plenty of time to practice Brenglish: “Where’s the loo, love?” “Does my bum look big in this?” “Don’t be cheeky.” “Dunno.” “Tara!”

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