Andrea Ibáñez, an anthropologist trained at Syracuse University and Duke University, retired from a career as a public administrator at the City of Tucson. She has published scores of articles about travel, culture, history, and the Southwest in the Tucson Weekly, Valley Guide Quarterly, Tucson Guide Quarterly and The New York Times. She was the author of the chapters on Tucson and Southern Arizona in Fodor’s Arizona guide and Fodor’s USA guide.

Her time living in North Carolina inspired the mystery series DEADLY set in three distinct areas of that state: DEADLY WOODS in the Piedmont, DEADLY DUNES at the coast, DEADLY MOUNTAINS in the Appalachians and DEADLY DIG in the Piedmont.

Some of the locations are real but many are not — hey, it’s fiction!

“Romance in the Desert Southwest,” a stand-alone political satire about love, lust  politics, and water resources in the Southwest is also available.